Composite Underground Storage Tanks

Glass Fibre filaments are 3 times stronger than steel (1400 MPa). When they are impregnated in a polyester resin matrix, the product is called Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) or Composites.

This material is used extensively in process industries for their excellent corrosion protection properties as well as its versatile fabrication techniques.

Fibtec Enterprises, is pioneering the use of this material for underground and above ground applications like storage of water, waste water, septic water, rain water harvesting, grey water recycling, STP tanks etc.

The process used by Fibtec Enterprises for fabricating the tank shell is called filament winding. Here, continuous glass fibre filament is immersed in resin and wound over a mandrel.

After curing of the resin the mandrel is collapsed and extracted leaving behind the composite shell. Dished-ends and partitions when necessary, are made by contact moulding and are attached to the shell by lamination. The tank is finally fixed with stiffeners, manholes, ladder and inlet & outlet pipes.