Answers to the most frequently asked questions.

1. Will there be any smell/odour?

When it flows from the outlet from the bio-septic tank to the soak-pit there will be no smell. However, if it is sprayed on a lawn with a pump from the last compartment of the tank there may be odour.

2. What will be the colour of water from the last tank?

After the 5 compartment treatment the effluent will be clear.

3. Do we have to pump out last tank water every day

The water from the last compartment will overflow into the soak-pit by gravity. There is no need to pump it out.

4. What will be the BOD in last tank?

The BOD will be 50 to 70 ppm in the last tank.

5. Any guarantee on process performance? We should not end up with buying a FRP tank after few days.

Normally 2 to 3 days is the recommended residence time for a 2 compartment septic tank treatment. Our bio-septic tank is designed for 6 days residence time and has 5 stage (compartment) design. Also, we provide poly-grass lining for the bacteria to adhere and grow and extended surface area with bio-media. If the system is not overloaded it should work without any problem.

6. What will be the feeding material for culture media? How much minimum water to be filled for getting proper results?

We supply only a start-up bacteria culture. The total system attains equilibrium in about 2 to 3 weeks. The culture can be added 10 to 15 days before the use of the bio-septic tank. 1 Kg. of culture can be added to 100 liters of water in the tank.

7. Media does it have any life and needs replacement after how many year's?

No need to replace the inoculum. It will keep regenerating as long as the bio-septic tank is in use.

8. What happens to the sludge collected at the bottom. Will it be MLSS/MLVSS?

MLSS/MLVSS occurs only in aeration process. Ours is anaerobic process and hence the sludge is continuously digested.

9. Any odour pipe to be provided at height to disperse the odour of H2S gas?

We give provision for gas exhaust. However, unless absolutely necessary there is no need for a pipe to disperse the gases

10. Any mosquito menace expected in future?

If the tank is kept sealed and the soak-pit is covered there will be no mosquito problem.

11. Any precautions you recommend for getting good results from this septic tank.

a) A bar-screen chamber is a must before the bio-septic tank to filter plastic and other non-digestible wastes.

b) The system must not be overloaded.

c) The soak-pit must absorb the effluents from the bio-septic tank. It should not be installed in high water table area.

12. Any media materials like sand, aggregate, carbon coils, coal etc to be filled? What is proportion of the same?

Nothing to be filled.

13. How is back wash done and back wash water quality parameters are they affect skin etc. Frequency of back wash.

No need for any back-wash